9.01 Frankincense & Sweet Myrrh

9.01 Frankincense & Sweet Myrrh

from 7.00


  • Frankincense

  • Sweet Myrrh

  • Rock Rose

  • Cedar

  • Geranium

  • Jasmine

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This is a classic fragrance. A complex and sophisticated blend of spicy, woody frankincense, oponax and cistus, mingled with notes of cedar, geranium, orange and jasmine. All of this rests on a rich base of sandal, patchouli and amber spice sweetened by delicious balsams, vanilla, iris and musks.

Available in our branded 250 or 500ml graduated scientific beaker candles, 100ml conical flask reed diffusers or votive candles.

All our candle and reed diffuser glassware should be reused and are fully recyclable.