10.06 The Snug

10.06 The Snug

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  • Whisky

  • Tobacco

  • Oud

  • Honey

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After much experimentation we are pleased to release, "The Snug". This indulgent scent took us a long time to get right but it’s such a gorgeous fragrance we stuck at it until we got the perfect combination. Luxurious and relaxing, it has the softness of an old world tobacconist and the sharpness of whisky rounded out with oud wood and honeyed notes. We're off to enjoy it by sinking into a leather armchair, with a good view and a blether. Dram optional.


Available in our branded 250 or 500ml graduated scientific beaker candles, 100ml conical flask reed diffusers or votive candles.

All our candle and reed diffuser glassware should be reused and are fully recyclable.