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LaB6 Candles

With a decades worth of experience working in clinical labs our approach at Lab6 is simple. We combine vigorous testing with blending the most uplifting and provocative scents from nature in pursuit of creating beautiful fragrances for your home. The ambience of a room can be transformed and the memory instantly transported in time with the slightest hint of a scent. 

LaB6 started as a chance experiment and has grown into a passion. Our utilitarian glassware is more than a cursory nod to our science background. The beakers are laboratory grade borosilicate glass and therefore, practical, enduring and re-usable for your own inventive experiments. 

This is our first range of signature scents which we have developed but there are more at the experimental stage and we continue to blend and design new compounds to develop an evolving and innovative library of fragrances. 

Our scents are inspired by some of our favourite places and landscapes. Whether it be childhood memories of my Grandfather’s greenhouse or roaming the pine forests of Scotland, there is a diverse collection of composite fragrances that range from the fruity and sweet, to the woody and complex. 

Too often we move through life without a pause to absorb the sights, sounds and smells around us. Join us for a LaB6 moment.

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